PCR Primers database - Addenum

Benny Shomer bshomer at ebi.ac.uk
Fri Nov 24 20:24:26 EST 1995

                       The PCR Primers database.
This is an important addenum to the announcement about the creation of the
PCR primers database.

1. I forgot to mention that all email submissions should be sent to:
   primers at ebi.ac.uk
   This is also the appropriate address for any queries or correspondence
   about the primers database.
2. Users who have other means of connection besides email, can now use
   the  EMBL-EBI automatic mail server to retreive the database files and
   To start working with the mail server in general, send a message
   containing the word "HELP" either in the subject line or in the body of
   message, to:  netserv at ebi.ac.uk 
   Here are the commands which are available for the primers

Here is a summary of all the available commands for the primers database,
that can be specified in an email message sent to netserv at ebi.ac.uk
To obtain                                     send the command
A general help file                           HELP PRIMERS
The database fields definitions file          GET PRIMERS:DEFINITIONS
A bogus filled entry as an example            GET PRIMERS:EXAMPLE
An electronic data submission form            GET PRIMERS:SUBMISSION.FORM
The actual data file with the entries         GET PRIMERS:PRIMERS

Dear colleagues, please do not forget, this database will NOT be created
by journal scanning and active searching, but from direct submissions from
researchers only.  The key to the success of this database is your
submissions, so do set aside some spare time and send your primers.

Our email:  primers at ebi.ac.uk
WWW      :  http://www.ebi.ac.uk/primers_home.html
fax      :  +44 1223 494468
Phone    :  +44 1223 494437

I highly welcome any questions, corrections, remarks or discussions concerning
the PCR Primers database  (or the British weather or any other topic... :).
Email is the most preferred way.

Best wishes. Good luck with your PCR experiments.



Doing PCR?
Have you got some good, working primers???
Visit the PCR primers database at http://www.ebi.ac.uk/primers_home.html
and make your donation.

If you don't have access to WWW, just write to primers at ebi.ac.uk

Benny Shomer
External Biological Liaison Officer,
EMBL outstation - The EBI,
Hinxton Hall, Hinxton,Cambridge CB10 1RQ, UK

Tel:   +44-223-494437
Fax:   +44-223-494468
Email: bshomer at EBI.ac.uk


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