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>Dear Friends,

>I am looking for information on the gas production by milk's 
>clostridia (what clostridia produce
>what gas).
>Is CO2 the only gas produced by milk clostridia ? What sort of 
>gas produce C. butyricum ?
>and C. soporogenes ?

I am not exactly sure what gases maybe produced by C. butyricum from milk.  
The references that I have, indicate that C. sporogenes DOES NOT produce gas 
from milk but rather a clot and digestion (Bailey and Scott's Diagnostic 
Microbiology 5th edition . 1978. page 233).

However, I have not worked with Clostridia for several years and it would be 
best to contact people that might be able to help you:

Dr. Eric Johnson Food Research Institute, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI.

Dr.s  Lillian Holdeman or W.E.C. Moore, Anaerobic Laboratory, Virginia 
Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA.

Please note, that this information is old and may require more work on your 
part, but at least it is a start.  Good luck.

Bruce Micales

>Any info will be greatily appreciated (references, name and 
>addresses of people working on
>the subject, etc.)

>Thanks for your time.


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