Thermophilic bacteria

Claudia Ortiz claortiz at MAFALDA.UNIVALLE.EDU.CO
Thu Nov 23 15:58:33 EST 1995

Dear netters:

I am looking for a way to isolate thermophilic bacteria in a solid medium. I 
have seen a method in a review using "gerlite" (phytagel???). I would 
appreciate some help for to use this methodology.

Thanks in advance...

Claudia Ortiz Lopez
Unidad de Biotecnologia Ambiental
Corporacion BIOTEC-UniValle
Ciudad Universitaria Melendez
Edificio CREE 2o piso.
E-mail: roditorr at mafalda.univalle.edu.co
FAX: (57) (2) 3302460

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