Teachers Math/Science Questionnaire

Larry Gipson gipson at crash.cts.com
Tue Nov 21 22:14:05 EST 1995

The following questionnaire was developed by Mike McKeown for the
San Diego Science Alliance.  (The Science Alliance sponsors the 
Science Fair competitions for the k-12 schools.)  Mike is a
research scientist at the Salk Institute and is collecting data on
the present math and science programs at K-12 schools in the U.S. 
If you are presently teaching math and/or science at a K-12 school,
your taking the time to fill out this questionaire would be greatly
appreciated.  For statistical purposes it would be best to sample
as many math and science teachers from a given school as possible, 
with as broad an outlook on the programs as possible.  Please ask 
your colleagues to fill one out.

     -----  Confidential Evaluation of Math Programs -----
     -----      Relative to Science Education        -----

Many people feel that a comprehensive math background is essential
to success in science classes,  while others feel that science can
be taught with less math background.  Still other people think that
the math and science courses should be integrated together without
following the traditional sequence.

This is a short set of questions designed to provide a sense of how
math and science teachers feel about the preparation students
receive from the math classes in their schools.  Answers will be
tabulated and made available to the public.  Results can be sent to
me by E-mail  <mike_mckeown at qm.salk.edu> or (for true
confidentiality) by U.S. Mail to:

Mike McKeown
Molecular Biology and Virology Laboratory
The Salk Institute
PO Box 85800
San Diego, Ca  92186

Mike McKeown

purposes of this questionnaire, we do not want to know who you are
or where you teach.  (email replies will remain confidential.)

                   ---  Questions ---

1)  Do you teach in an Elementary school, Middle/Junior High
School, or a High School? (If other please specify.)

2) Does your school's science curriculum follow traditional
groupings such as biology, chemistry, and physics or is it an
Integrated Science Program? 

3)  What specific subjects do you teach?

4)  How important is math to the science courses as they are taught
using the following scale?

not very important =1
    very important =10

  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10

5) Have you had students in your classes who have been taught using
the CPM (College Prep Math), IMP (Interactive Math Program), or
other of the latest math curricula?  If NO proceed to question 7. 
If YES, please note which program and answer the next question. 

6) How would you rate the preparation of the CPM/IMP/"Visionary
Math" students relative to the preparation of students of
traditional math classes? 

not well prepared =1
    well prepared =10

  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10

7) Please make any particular comments you wish.  Success stories,
horror stories, general observations, feelings about why or how a
particular program succeeds or fails are all welcome. (Remember,
all responses will be confidential.)

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