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Ecosystem Modelling / Simulation

I am seeking a post-doctoral type position in ecosystem modelling.  I have
a B.Sc.(Hons) in Microbial Ecology and a Ph.D. in Biological Systems
Simulation.  I have a wide ranging experience of simulating ecosystems,
including spatial aspects, as well as an extensive knowledge of computer
programming and data manipulation / analysis.  I am interested in working
in Canada, the US, the UK, or anywhere else in this field.

My CV is below in text for, a postscript version and other information is
available via. WWW from http://tbrown.lvlham.lincoln.ac.nz/~tb

Pointers to groups working in the above field would also be greatly

                               Curriculum vitae

                             Terry Nicholas Brown

Lincoln Environmental    email: brownt1 at lincoln.ac.nz    64 7 838 5901 Work
Private Bag 3062         Born: Oct. 31 1969              64 7 855 9001 Home
Hamilton                 Marital status: Single          64 7 838 5372 Fax.

                                 G e n e r a l

     - Ph.D. in Biological Systems Simulation.

     - B.Sc.(Hons) in Microbiology.

     - Interests in spatial aspects of ecosystems, and the application
       of simulation techniques to enhance understanding of ecosystem 

                         A c a d e m i c   h i s t o r y

1988     Entrance scholarship (one of 200 awarded nationally) to
         Canterbury University, New Zealand. Direct entry to Honours
         programme, undergraduate papers in cell biology, microbiology,
         genetics, biochemistry, physics, computing. Honours papers in
         Soil Microbiology (B+), Phycology (A-), Ecology (A-) and Plant
         Pathology (B). Honours project: Ecology and taxonomy of the
         terrestrial algae of Lake Ellesmere (A-). Gained B.Sc. Hons.
         (second class division one) in 1990.

1991     Enrolled in a doctoral programme at Lincoln University, New
         Zealand. Papers in differential equations (biological
         modelling) (A+), computing for research (simulation) (A+),
         biometrics (GLM) (A+) and biometrics (multivariate) (A+).
         Produced a simulation of the microbial ecosystem of Pinus 
         radiata root systems with emphasis on armillaria root rot and a
         biocontrol agent. Developed a scheme to represent the variable
         three-dimensional structure of the root system at the individual
         root level, as a basis for a simulation model of disease spread
         and microbial interaction. The simulation required sophisticated
         visualisation procedures and system specific methods of
         validation. Graduated with a Ph.D. in Biological Systems
         Simulation in 1995.

              E x p e r i e n c e   a n d   E m p l o y m e n t

1990      Transect sampling and laboratory culturing of algae. Some SEM
          and TEM work.

1992-1993 Field work to characterise Pinus radiata root system
          morphology, including organisation of support staff. Graduate
          assistant in the Centre for Computing and Biometrics, Lincoln
          University; laboratory supervision and some lecturing. Wrote
          a graphical predator prey simulation as a teaching aid. Wrote
          software to interpret output from wool fibre measurement and
          insect tracking hardware.

1994-1995 Research scientist for Lincoln Environmental. Design and
          implementation of a simulation of the fate of nitrogen in dairy
          shed effluent applied to pasture. A layered, one-dimensional
          model of hydrological, chemical and biological processes,
          including a novel isotope labelling function. The position also
          involved extensive field scale lysimeter and laboratory work.

Experienced in computer programming in C++, C, FORTRAN, BASIC, Pascal,
Modula-2 , SIMSCRIPT, WWW (HTML, CGI), SAS, LaTeX, and 680x0 assembler.
Brief introduction to Forth, ACSL, Macintosh OS and some GIS (ArcInfo,
GRASS) work. Also broad experience with computer graphic techniques, Unix
and MSDOS.

                        O t h e r   I n t e r e s t s

Tramping, squash, voluntary conservation field work, scuba diving
(P.A.D.I. Open Water certification).

                           P u b l i c a t i o n s

Some of these papers are available electronically either via.
WWW from http://tbrown.lvlham.lincoln.ac.nz/~tb or via.
FTP to tbrown.lvlham.lincoln.ac.nz in /pub/papers.

Barkle, G., Brown, T., and Singleton, P. (1994). Enhancing denitrification
  in a land based effluent treatment system. In ASAE Conference on
  Engineering in Agriculture, Lincoln University. ASAE. Paper No. SEAg

Barkle, G., Brown, T., and Singleton, P. (1995). Lysimeter studies and
  model development for land based waste treatment. In The international
  symposium on water quality modeling, Orlando, Florida, U.S.A. ASAE.

Brown, T. (1992). Flow a program to generate Flowcharts in the LaTeX
  picture environment. Internet distribution.

Brown, T. (1993a). Programming plants. New Zealand Science Monthly, 4:11.

Brown, T. (1993b). Validating models of complex, stochastic, biological
  systems. In McAleer, M. and Jakeman, A., editors, International
  Congress on Modelling and Simulation, volume 1, pages 145-150, Perth,
  Australia. University of Western Australia.

Brown, T. (1994). Mapping and modelling 3-dimensional tree root
  architecture. In ASAE Conference on Engineering in Agriculture, Lincoln
  University. ASAE. Paper No. SEAg 94/021.

Brown, T. (1995). Simulation of the development of the Root System and
  associated Microbial Community of Pinus radiata. PhD thesis, Lincoln
  University, Centre for Computing and Biometrics.

Brown, T. and Kulasiri, D. (1992). Simulation of Pinus radiata
  root-architecture development. In Hall, M. and Trigg, L., editors, New
  Zealand Computer Science Research Students' Conference, pages 39-46,
  Hamilton, NZ. University of Waikato.

Brown, T. and Kulasiri, D. (1994). Simulation of Pinus radiata root
  system structure for ecosystem management applications. Simulation,

Brown, T. and Kulasiri, D. (1995). Validating models of complex,
  stochastic, biological systems. Ecological Modelling (in press).
  Special Edition, Elesevier Publishers, Netherlands.

Two other papers, `An objective index for the evenness of the radial
distribution of low order lateral tree roots.' and `A plant root
morphology based simulation scheme suitable for plant / soil microbial
ecosystem modelling.' are in the submission / review stage.

Terry Brown                      email: brown at lvlham.lincoln.ac.nz
Lincoln Environmental            http://tbrown.lvlham.lincoln.ac.nz/~tb
Private Bag 3062 Hamilton        Ph. 64 07 838 5901 W 64 07 855 9001 H
New Zealand                      Fax 64 07 838 5372

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