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DECEMBER 10, 1995 -- The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to Professor 
Joseph Rotblat and the Pugwash Conferences on Science & World 

TODAY -- You too can take responsibility for the world by 
committing to the ethical use of science and technology in 

   Imagine the impact of a million people signing this pledge
"I promise to work for a better world, where science and 
technology are used in socially responsible ways.  I will not use 
my education for any purpose intended to harm human beings or the 
environment.  Throughout my career, I will consider the ethical 
implications of my work before I take action.  While the demands 
placed upon me may be great, I sign this declaration because I 
recognize that individual responsibility is the first step on the 
path to peace."

To find out how you can sign the pledge or become involved in this 
campaign, initiated by Student Pugwash USA, visit the web site:
send an e-mail message (for an automatic response) to:
    student-pugwash-pledge at igc.org
or contact:
    Student Pugwash USA
    815 15th Street, NW, Suite 814
    Washington, DC 20005 USA
    pledge at spusa.org

Professor Joseph Rotblat:  "We young and old must nurture a vision 
of a better world in the next century, a world without war, a 
society based on care and equity, a community that will protect 
the environment.  And we should make it our task to turn this 
vision into reality."

(Help gather a million signatures on this pledge!  Please forward 
this message to all applicable locations, and place a link to the 
Web page on your homepage.)

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