Vampire Speed

Brett Russell brettr at interramp.com
Tue Nov 21 11:35:45 EST 1995

Dr. David Rosen wrote:
> Vampires can move so fast, mortals can hardly perceive them in
> Anne Rice novels.  Therefore, explain:
In IWTV, Louis and LeStatt are racing each other on horses to
> kill/save a teenager.  Why not run?

If you remember from the novel, LeStatt did not explain any of the 
"vampire" stuff to Louis. Vampires do not instinctively know what 
powers they have, the must either learn about them (from another 
vampire) or discover them by accident. Also, the stronger the vampire 
(older the vampire) the greater the power. LeStatt could easily kick 
Louis butt in a foot race - Louis was very weak compared to LeStatt.

In QOTD, Baby Jenks and a young European vampire are both trying
> to escape Akasha.  They fight each other for a motorcycle to escape. 
 If they want to escape, just run.

Same deal with the age here. Akasha is extremely powerful, and would 
easily outrun the two weaker vampires. Why run for the motercycle you 
say? Well, again, the two weaker vampires did not know how to "run" at 
superhuman speeds, and even if they did, I believe it was a 
psychological stretch for some last minute comfort - since they knew 
their demise was near (of COURSE we can out run her on a motorcycle).

> I think a banana peel will work better than garlic, against
> vampires.

Sorry to post the answer here guys, but the mail wouldn't work.

Brett Russell
brettr at interramp.com

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