pathogen virulence

Mon Nov 20 12:24:59 EST 1995

I am an undergraduate student at McGill University, looking for data for
a term paper.  The hypothesis of the paper is that virulence and rate of
infection would necessarily be highly correlated as virulence increases.
The logic behind this is that if the pathogen were to kill off the host
before transmission could take place, the species would quickly kill
itself off in the process.  As such, selection favours a higher rate of
transmission in more virulent pathogens.
I would like to limit my paper to bacteria which infect humans.
If anyone can send me either data or references to this sort of
information, it would be greatly appreciated.  Please note that I would
need both types of data for the information to be useful.  Ideally I
would like to measure virulence in time from infection to death of host
and transmission in time from infection of first host to infection of
second host.  If this format isn't possible, please send the information
Thank you very much,
Jamie Bacher
bnyb at musicb.mcgill.ca

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