Tb fit testing

Dennis Gaunt dgaunt at uhl.uiowa.edu
Mon Nov 20 16:48:03 EST 1995

Bill Keil (billkeil at aol.com) wrote:
: Personnel that work with mycobacteria in our clinical micro lab are fit
: tested once a year.  We were wondering how often are other labs fit
: testing their employees that work with mycobacteria??  Any help updating
: our procedure would be appreciated!!   Thanx.
: Bill Keil M.T. (ASCP)
: e-mail: Bill Keil at aol.com

Since, to my knowledge, there is no formal mandate about wearing
a special respirator for mycobacteria it would be a guess as to how
often fit-testing should be done.  It's probably up to individual 
lab directors unless or until OSHA rules on something.
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