Mycoplasma\Cell culture contamination

Richard Drummond gip204 at freenet.mb.ca
Sat Nov 18 18:47:08 EST 1995

On 14 Nov 1995, E Theron wrote:

>  We would like to receive comments concerning the importance of using only 
> mycoplasma free cell cultures for the purpose of routine diagnostic virology.
>  More specifically: (1) How common is the practise, especially in major 
> laboratories, to monitor fresh cell cultures for the presence of mycoplasma and by 
> which method.
>                     (2) What measures can be taken to eliminate mycoplasma from 
> clinical specimens eg. saliva or gargle fluid prior to inoculation of tissue 
> cultures.
>  Please reply to Etheron at medmicro.uct.ac.za 
	Our clinical virology lab was recently accreadited by C.A.P.
and one of the questions they asked was how we monitor Mycoplasma 
contamination . If you intend to  produce reliable and reproducable work
it is important that you monitor all your cells .Mycoplasma can greatly
alter cell characteristics and make virus isolation variable.
	There are a number of commercial kits that are very simple to use
(Gibco has one that includes control slides) and do not require a great 
deal of equipment.   
 	Including Gentamicin in your antibiotic cocktail for treating
specimens should eliminate most problems from clinical specimens.
	The biggest control factor for your stock cell cultures is to
maintain them in antibiotic free media . You will know your cells are
being maintained aseptically at all times. 
	Richard Drumet.mb.ca 
	gip204 at freene

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