EBOLOA like signs?

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> A man died last week in our city from what doctors said was a bacteria
>> Signs included bleeding from ears,eyes,mouth etc. just as with Ebola
>> said he died when his heart failed after massive internal hemorrhageing
>from his
>> deteriorating organs. (The man had been a health nut and was in top
>> before this event, he died in a matter of 2-3 days.  The only symptom I
>know of
>> was that he was complaining of severe stomach ache).
>> The last word I've heard on the case is that he died as a result of a
>bacterial infection
>> he incurred at a doctors physical.  They said he got the bacteria when
>> did a prostrate exam.  They said that when the exam is done stool is
>back up
>> into the intestines.  The stool contains bacteria that when pushed back
>into the
>> intestine can get into the blood stream.  Once in the blood stream it
>proliferates and
>> the patient dies of blood toxicity.
>> Is this a REAL possibility?  It sounds to crazy to me.  Wouldn't the
>bacteria be present
>> 3-5 inches back up the intestine if it is at the exit?
>> any enlightening comments welcomed,
>> russ

>hmmm. Unless it was govt conspiracy (ebola virus researchers at a govt
>agency, fearing the 
>imminent shutdown, begin frezied testing on people), it could have been a
>septicema. What happens is you get real sick and your blood turns to
>leading to 
>congestive heart failure and possibly tissue necrosis. Very slim chance,
>it could 
>happen from a cut or torn tissue from the doc's over-eager probes.

     I agree.  Relax, this is undoubtedly *not* Ebola. The bleeding
symptoms you describe are the result of DIC or Disseminated Intravascular
Coagulation, which though it does occur in Ebola infection, can have many,
many other causes - both bacterial and non-bacterial. (Just as one symptom
of TB is a cough - just having a cough does not mean you have TB.)  DIC
results when trauma or septicemia or something else triggers the clotting
cascade within the blood vessels themselves. You then have millions of
micro-clots plugging up the vessels, and the internal organs resulting in
organ system shutdown. Since all available clotting factors in the body
have been used up, you begin to have fluid and blood leakage from mucous
membranes (eyes, nose, mouth, etc) 
      It *does* sound as if this man had a septicemia (blood infection),
secondary to a perforated bowel or rectal injury. The intestinal tract is
loaded with many different kinds of bacteria, most of which are beneficial
if they stay where they belong. The problem arises when a cut or tear in
the mucosa allows bacteria to enter the bloodstream, where they do not
"belong".  Though for this to happen, it would have to be one  *heck* of a
traumatic digital-rectal exam!  I would think this would be more likely
from a sigmoidoscopy, or some other more invasive procedure.  Unless this
man had a history he wasn't telling - male homosexuals can have
rectal-tearing, resulting in infection.
       I hope this clears up some of your confusion.

Kathryn Sherlock, MT(ASCP)

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