Jokes in ATCC newsletter?

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Fri Nov 17 05:11:11 EST 1995

In article <48ande$cag at eldborg.rhi.hi.is> gah at rhi.hi.is (Gunnsteinn Aegir Haraldsson) writes:
>I am looking for a joke that appeared in ATCC newsletter, I dont know when.
>A bacteria said to its friend "My real name is James, but try tell him that!" 
>and ponting at an ATCC researcher.  If anyone knows were to find this joke 
>please let me know (it is wery  usefull at a taxonomy lecture).
>Gunnsteinn Haraldsson
>University of Iceland

Dont know the one in the ATCC newsletter, but there is a similar one in
the book "what's so funny about microbiology" by Joachim Czichos. 
There you can find a lot of jokes usefull in taxonomy and microbiology lectures.


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