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> Dear Collegues!
> My Name is Tatiana Golubeva. I am a student of Moscow State 
University, School 
> of Biology. My major is microbiology. I would like to get a contact 
> researchers from your university who specialize in microbiology. 
> I am highly interested in problem of preservation of architectural and 
> masterpieces from damage caused by micro-organisms. I would like to 
set up a 
> co-operation in order to exchange information on the latest 
achievements in this
> area.
> I would greatly appreciate if you send me an address (please e-mail 
directly to 
> my address) of department of microbiology of your university, or 
forward my 
> message there. If by chance no researchers in your university deal 
with this 
> problem I would also very much appreciate your advice on where I could 
send my 
> message.
> Very faithfully yours,
> Tatiana Golubeva
Hi Tatiana,
No work here but if you give me a little time I will try to find you 
some journal references of people who are engaged in just this.
Cheers, Hoping to visit St Petersburg next year.
Peter Harris,
Dept of Soil Science,
University of Reading, UK.
P.J.Harris at reading.ac.uk

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