Gilbert T. Groehn ad408 at detroit.freenet.org
Wed Nov 15 16:56:18 EST 1995

We are interested in purchasing several microscopes
for an expanding research and clinical lab.

Budget constraints are an issue so we are seeking
preowned equipment.

We need both a high grade research microscope with
(hopefully) all the bells and whistles, ie. bright-
field, phase cont., flourescence, camera, video, and
lots of flexibility;  and a general lab microscope
for bright-field only such as the OLYMPUS BHTU or
ZEISS Axioscop series.

We prefer Leica or Zeiss but will consider Olympus or
Nikon at a favorable price.

Thanks in advance for any information or leads you may
supply which might lead us to a favorable purchase.

Gil Groehn, General Manager
ULTRAMED, INC. / Research Div.
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