Degradation of PCB by microorganisms

Robert - Solak solakrob at hugh.egr.msu.edu
Wed Nov 15 10:47:05 EST 1995

In article <48aaff$4ne at athena.ulaval.ca>, Pierre Simard <Pierre.Simard at mcb.ulaval.ca> writes:
|> Dear Netters,
|> I am searching informations about degradation of PCB by microorganisms, 
|> specially for PCB contaminating soils or oil products.
|> Please contact me by email.
|> Pierre Simard, Ph.D.
|> Microbiologist

Try the Journal "Applied Microbiology" or the "Journal of Environmental 
Engineering" by the American Society of Civil Engineers. Another possible 
source is "Biotechnology" 

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