Osmotic shock?

Monica Osterblad Unknown at utu.fi
Mon Nov 13 11:18:22 EST 1995

>Actually, I have transferred Gram-negative bacteria to dH20 and have left them 
>for over 20 days AT 25oC.  There was no evidence of cell lysis and infact 2-D 
>SDS-PAGE reveal the production of numerous proteins not observed in the 
>control culture (before transfer).  It is speculated that these proteins may 
>be involved in adapting the bacterium to the hypo osmotic environment.  
>What I really wanted to know is what physiological adaptations could occur to 
>allow the bacterium to survive such a stress.

A change in porin size or composition? Just a wild guess! I'm working
on antibiotic resistance, and there it is a very common phenomenon,
especially among gram-negatives.


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