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K N and P J Harris ecoli at cix.compulink.co.uk
Sun Nov 12 06:50:59 EST 1995

The classic approach is the ridael-walker test (spelling ? it was a long 
time since I did this too). Basically it is a combination of 
concentration versus time of exposure. You set up a range of 
concentrations, inoculate them with the test organism(s) and remove them 
to an antiseptic free broth at set time intervals. I remember doing this 
in a class of forty students when we were "stimulated" to make the next 
transfer by the lecturer ringing a bell. Two things could be relied upon 
 (1) at least one student would manage to break their inoculating loop 
(2) some smart alec would cry out half way through "what is that bell 
ringing for?" The subsequent hilarity added significantly to the 
experimental error !

Peter Harris,
University of Reading, UK.
AKA P.J.Harris at reading.ac.uk

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