Strain preservation other than ATCC

M. Alexeyev malexeyev at biost1.thi.tmc.edu
Sat Nov 11 12:07:15 EST 1995

In article <480pno$8fd at news2.delphi.com>, VSHRADER at news.delphi.com

> Does anyone out there know of an organization besides ATCC--
> in the United States--that will preserve bacterial strains?

I found that Phabagen Collection is not as overloaded as ATCC and
therefore processes deposits  much faster than ATCC does. You may check
them out.

   Phabagen Collection
     Department of Molecular Cel Biology
     Padualaan 8
     Postbox 80.056
     3508 TB Utrecht
     The Netherlands
     tel: 030-533584
     fax: 030-513655
     e-mail: phabagen at pobox.ruu.nl

M. Alexeyev

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