Phosphate Precipitation in Casein solution

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> Subject: Phosphate Precipitation in Casein solution
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> Newsgroup,
> I need some help,  I use a vitamin defined media to grow lipoic acid 
> deficient bacteria.  KPO4 is the buffer and charcoal treated casein is 
> major component.  I have made this media many times with no problems 
> until recently.  Now I get what I think is CaPO4 precipitating when 
> pH is adjusted.  All reagents I have used before.  It's got me 
> any suggestions.
> Thanks in advance
> ron tate 
When you say you have used the reagents before do you mean from the same 
bottle/batch. Caseinates could well differ in Ca content frm batch to 
batch. Otherwise check the water, is you supply up to scratch ?
Peter Harris,

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