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Wed Nov 8 11:12:04 EST 1995

In article <47dth9$jp8 at newsbf02.news.aol.com>, ethel86 at aol.com (Ethel86) says:
>    My name is Neil Canavan, a fourth year biology student here at the
>Bera Institute (aka Brooklyn College) where graduation casts it's long
>over a chilly playground.
>    So, to the point.  I would like to work in bioremediation.  However,
>since the term is so broad, i don't know what direction to take when
>a specific discipline.  Recent patents have involved a battalion of
>diversification;  from geneticists, to microbiologists, to
>biochemists.....right on down the line.  How can anyone know what future
>needs will be?
>    The second problem is tracking those doing the actual contracted work.
>The only company I am currently aware of is Phytotech, out in Jersey, and
>(Burt Ensley) is using macrophytes on soil contamination.  No doubt this
>is collecting botanists.  So, you see, the possibilities are too vast for
>little brain to sift.
>    What I need are suggestions, ranging from stern advice, to wild
>conjecture about where I could look, who I could talk to, and what I may
>consider when commiting to the death spiral called Graduate School.  
>                                                          with hat in
>                                                          Neil Canavan
>Please note that "tune in, turn on and drop out"  is no longer
>considered a valid response.
>Why don't you send me your e-mail address, maybe I can help


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