Help with finding contact!

Tatiana G. Golubova tatiana at GLAS.APC.ORG
Wed Nov 8 00:40:23 EST 1995

Dear Collegues!
My Name is Tatiana Golubeva. I am a student of Moscow State University, School 
of Biology. My major is microbiology. I would like to get a contact with 
researchers from your university who specialize in microbiology. 
I am highly interested in problem of preservation of architectural and cultural 
masterpieces from damage caused by micro-organisms. I would like to set up a 
co-operation in order to exchange information on the latest achievements in this
I would greatly appreciate if you send me an address (please e-mail directly to 
my address) of department of microbiology of your university, or forward my 
message there. If by chance no researchers in your university deal with this 
problem I would also very much appreciate your advice on where I could send my 
Very faithfully yours,
Tatiana Golubeva

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