Malcom Inman cs1977 at wlv.ac.uk
Wed Nov 8 05:23:04 EST 1995

Can anybody help me with my research? I am studying the effect of natural 
antimicrobials on the pathogenicity of Campylobacter species, and part of 
my work involves the study of the organisms' motility with the aid of a 
video light microscope. To analyse the data from these studies I trace 
the tracks of the organisms as they move across the monitor onto a 
transparent plastic sheet. From this I need to measure the length of the 
tracks - previous published work reports the use of a planimeter for this 
purpose. So could anybody tell me what a planimeter is (I know it 
meassures area of awkward shapes), what it might look like and where I 
might obtain one?! Also if anyone knows of any software available which 
might measure the length of scanned-in tracks, or any other possible 
method which I could use, I would be grateful. 

I would also be most interested to hear from anybody who is engaged in a 
similar line of research (either past or present) for any kind of 
information/advice on this subject.

Vicky Sleightholme cs9047 at mail.wlv.ac.uk
PhD student
University of Wolverhampton

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