Mitomycin stability

JTitus at USCCMAIL.uscc.bms.com JTitus at USCCMAIL.uscc.bms.com
Tue Nov 7 08:08:57 EST 1995

     My group has recently begun working with the mitomycin C (an
     anti-cancer antibiotic)fermentation in complex and defined
     fermentation media.  The initial fermentations have produced mitomycin
     C, but we have noticed that the compound is rapidly lost once the
     flasks are removed from the shaker (50% in under one hour).  Since
     mitomycin C has a structure similar to the quinones (the coenzyme Q
     group) in the respiratory chain, we are speculating that it may be
     oxidized in a manner similar to other quinones.  Is this possible?
     How might one stabilize the mitomycin in the broth?

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