Inducing mutations

Dr. David Rosen drosen
Mon Nov 6 10:24:01 EST 1995

First, I am no expert.  My free advice is worth the price.  I just like to
	Sorry, I may have made a mistake about choline.  Look up the chemical used to
induce those mutations that made it poosible to cross rye and wheat to get
triticalee.	Except for penetration issues, I see no major problem with using UV
instead of nuclear radiation.  I think getting "selfing" plants to mutate will
be impossible for a small lab.  Fungi and plants that reproduce asexually use
more than one cell to do it (maybe an entire root tip).  A mutation in one cell
will not show in the offspring plant.
	I agree with a previous respondant.  Getting the fungi to mutate will not be
hard.  The hard part will be selecting stretegy for getting an interesting or
useful varient.  If your fungi "self", however, you will at least be able to
replicate it once you make it.
	Why not try to breed your fungi sexually instead of mutate them?  Selection
strategies are somewhat easier there because the variations are small.

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