Inducing mutations

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 > Most forms of radiation cause mutations, usually by deleting
 > a gene.  UV light can induce mutations.

But, if I want to produce mutants of a specific species of a
filamentous fungus which I cannot get to sporulate, how would
you suggest I go about irradiating it?

 > Some forms of nuclear radiation may be safe enough for a
 > small laboratory (like an alpha or beta source),

Is there any advantage to using a radioactive source of
radiation instead of simply UV light?

 > I don't know whether this is safe for a small laboratory.
 > The chemical choline can induce chromosome anomolies, like
 > chromosome doubling.  However, it is a strong terotogen.

Choline? Isn't it just a nutrient? Are you sure it is toxic?

 > Ozone can induce mutations: place the plants in an ozone
 > filled containors.

Could you suggest a book or two on the subject? I.e., more on
the specifics of the actual procedures?

Thanks for your help!

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