biophysics vs. biochem speculatin'....

Dr. David Rosen drosen
Fri Nov 3 09:47:01 EST 1995

I think the "moisture" that keeps hair "soft and manageable" is a lipid (oil)
rather than water.  Lanolin is one oil that keeps hair slippery.  I think the
physical structure of the hair may explain other things in the "feel" of the
fur.  Thick hair strands feel different from fine fur strands.
	Incidently, I don't think anyone should apologize for asking questions like
this.  Questions asked for "idle" curiousity end up being more important than
"relevant" questions.  Basic research is in the long run more useful than
applied research.  I suggest that our student NOT take any answers for granted,
make a project out of testing some hypothesis, and perhaps make a bundle off of
Lady Clairol.

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