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Donato Cioli donato at biocell.irmkant.rm.cnr.it
Fri Nov 3 09:06:45 EST 1995

        Research and training opportunities are available in a laboratory
of the National Research Council of Italy for a postgraduate or
postdoctoral student in the field of molecular parasitology. The laboratory
is about to be relocated near Rome, in a multidisciplinary research complex
comprising a European facility for the study of mouse mutants and four
research groups of the EMBL. The proposed project is based on the study of
cyclophilins (cyclosporin binding proteins) of the human parasites
belonging to the genus Schistosoma. Molecular cloning and biochemical
studies of schistosome cyclophilins are already under way in the host
laboratory. An interest in cyclophilins is due to their likely role in
mediating the antiparasitic effects of cyclosporin A and its derivatives.
Supervision and research facilities will be provided to students who have
been successful in applying to the Training and Mobility of Researchers
Programme of the European Community (see the call for proposals under
ftp://www.cordis.lu/pub/EDOCDEL///tmr/tmr_grants_1/B0081ENW.DOC ).
Essentially, applicants should be citizens of a EU Member or Associate
State (excluding Italy), should possess a University degree and should have
some research experience. Working knowledge of either English, German or
Italian is necessary. The position will presumably have a two year
        Further details can be obtained from donato at biocell.irmkant.rm.cnr.it

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