Inducing mutations

George Munson george-munson at nwu.edu
Thu Nov 2 22:41:09 EST 1995

> I would like to create some mutant strains of a fungus. Can
> someone suggest a good method for inducing mutations, suitable
> for a small laboratory?

I work with E. coli but I have worked with S. cerevisae in the past. 
Chemical mutatgenesis is probably the quickest and most straightforward
especially if you are working with a species for which transposons are
unavailable.  EMS, Nitrosguanidine, Nitrous Acid are just a few of your
choices that come to mind.  You should probably look in the literature for
work with your strain or a closely related species.  Failing that- check
out the yeast S. cerevisae literature.  I think there might even be some
yeast newsgroups.  I know there is a yeast interest group at the NIH which
you can find on the www so they might be able to help.

In my expererience the physical act of mutagenesis is fairly easy.  The
hard part is developing a selection strategy for the mutation of interest.
George Munson
BMBCB, Northwestern University
Evanston, IL   USA   
george-munson at nwu.edu

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