Bacillus subtilis strains to be discarded

Duncan Clark Duncan at genesys.demon.co.uk
Wed Nov 1 04:43:48 EST 1995

In article: <475rrf$oce at hamblin.math.byu.edu>  farmerj <farmerj at byu.edu> writes:

> If anyone would like these for historical reasons or whatever, 
> I will send vials (spores from 1960's and 1970's) to whoever 
> first requests them.
> James Farmer
> 571 WIDB, Dept. of Zoology
> Brigham Young University
> Provo, Utah 84602, USA
> 801-378-2153, 801-378-7423 (FAX), farmerj at byu.edu

Hi James,

I run a three person restriction enzyme company and have screened 
our own isolates of thermophilic bacilli for RE's for a number of years. I
would be very interested in looking at your cultures. I can give you a Fedex
account no. to bill me for shipping etc if you are agreeable to this.


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GeneSys Ltd.
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