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Nicholas Landau nlandau at eden.rutgers.edu
Wed Nov 1 15:56:28 EST 1995

flyboy <maccormack_K92 at cox.nsac.ns.ca> writes:

>   I am VERY interested in obtaining some papers on soil microbiology, 
>some topics which may include ecology, nutrient cycling etc. 

You *must* be more specific.  Even if you were to choose soil microbial
ecology as a topic of study, there are certainly more papers on the subject
than any one person could ever read.  I recommend going to a soil micro
textbook.  I cannot recommend one; if you are interested in microbial
ecology (the hottest thing in science, if you ask me,) then get your hands
on a copy of Ronald Atlas and Richard Bartha's popular text on the subject.

Soil microbiology is a terribly wide subject, which is expanding like mad!

--Nick Landau
  Rutgers University
  nlandau at eden.rutgers.edu

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