Tom McCloud mccloud at dtpax2.ncifcrf.gov
Wed Nov 1 16:59:10 EST 1995

     I am seeking information, perhaps with eventual purchase in mind, of an 
old apparatus, presumably manufactured by New Brunswick in the 1950's-60's 
called an 'Ecologen'.   It has been described to me as a 4 chamber fermenter  
in which a membrane allows for chemical communication between chambers, at the 
same time keeping the microbial culture clean.      That's about all I know.   
 Any information, particulatly from someone who has one and knows how to use 
it, would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.    Tom McCloud    SAIC/ 
Frederick Cancer Research & Development Center,   Frederick, MD.               
visit facility homepage at    http://www.ncifcrf.gov:1995/

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