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RFD: sci.bio.phytopathology

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Fri Jul 21 11:51:46 EST 1995

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If anyone is interested in this group and would like to be informed
by mail should send a mail to: kraska at mbox.ipp.uni-hannover.de
with the subject: Phyto group.

It follows the text of the original RFD:


Subject: RFD: New group PHYTOPATHOLOGY


This is a formal Request for Discussion (RFD) about a new 
group "phytopathology".
Discussion about charta and topics of the group. The CFV (call for
votes) will follow after 21 days, if no important changes have to be
This new group should be a forum for all phytopathologists including
applied entomologists, open to all aspects concerning phytopathology,
pests, plant health and plant protection. There is the opportunity for
general discussions as well as for special questions, topics, and
announcements. It should give the participants the opportunity to
contact each other. The enumeration in the charta could not be
complete. It should give only an idea on possible topics.There is no
other group covering the broad area of phytopathology and applied
entomology in this way or it is not open to all members of the
internet. The group should be moderated, so that general questions
could be answered directly by mail or collected in FAQs and then
posted frequently by the moderator.

1. Name:         sci.bio.phytopathology

2. Language:     English

3. Distribution: Worldwide

4. Status:       Moderated

5. Moderation:   T. Kraska (kraska at mbox.ipp.uni-hannover.de)
                 mycology, induced resistance, general information 
		 and organisation

6. Co-Moderation:H.-M. Poehling (poehling at mbox.ipp.uni-hannover.de)
                 entomology, biological control, integrated pest
                 B. Hau (hau at mbox.ipp.uni-hannover.de)
                 mycology, epidemiology, forecasting
                 E. Maiss (maiss at mbox.ipp.uni-hannover.de)
                 virology, plant molecular biology
                 H. Von Alten (von-alten at mbox.ipp.uni-hannover.de)
                 mycology,mycorrhiza, induced resistance, sustainable
                 S. Vidal (vidal at mbox.ipp.uni-hannover.de)
                 entomology, intercropping

7. Group e-mail: phytopathology at mbox.ipp.uni-hannover.de
                 address for postings of articles to the group.
8. Summary:
Discussion about all aspects of phytopathology, pests, plant
protection, plant diseases, plant-parasite-interactions

9. Charta:
Sci.bio.phytopathology is a moderated discussion forum on all aspects
of phytopathology and plant health including pests. Following topics
(among others) should be covered by the group: diseases caused by
fungi, bacteria, viruses; pests caused by insects and other organisms;
epidemiology, modelling plant disease epidemics; host-prasite
interactions; pest management; biological control; integrated crop
protection and production; molecular biology, genetics and ecological
aspects of diseases and resistance;detection of pathogens; resistance
mechanisms; acquired resistance in plants; stress resistance and
tolerance; yield losses due to diseases and pests; use of transgenic
plants in phytopathology.

10. Further information:
Other topics not mentioned in the charta should be included.
In the beginnig this group should not be splitted into to subgroups.
This could be done in the future. The group will be moderated by
members of the institute of plant pathology and plant protection,
Univ. Hanover, but later on there should also be moderators from other
institutes.If someone would like to be moderator in the future please
contact me by mail.

This RFD is also posted to the following groups:

This RFD is proposed by T. Kraska


Thank you for your kind help and assistant

Thorsten Kraska

Thorsten Kraska
Institut fuer Pflanzenkrankheiten und Pflanzenschutz, Univ. Hannover
herrenhaeuser Str. 2, D-30419 Hannover
Mail: phytopathology at mbox.ipp.uni-hannover.de (Group)
      kraska at mbox.ipp.uni-hannover.de (personal)

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