bioremediation of uranium

Martin Latterich micro at mendel.berkeley.edu
Thu Jun 30 23:10:18 EST 1994

I am posting this on behalf of Ted Crusberg:

I have done work on Uranium bioaccumulation by 
biomineralization of insoluble uranyl phosphate within mycelia matrix of 
Penicillium ochro-chloron (ATCC 42177).  I'll send you some reprints.  
Driving force is alkaline phosphatase located in the periplasm of the 
mycelia.  I'll be convening a session and giving a paper at this year's 
Soc. for Industrial Micro. meeting in Boston in July-Aug.  I've also got 
a paper in for review to J. Ind. Microbiol.  Accumulation is not by 
adsorption but by precipitation.  Growth medium is held at pH =4.  I'll 
send stuff next week.
Ted Crusberg
Dept. of Biology & Biotechnology
Worcester Polytechnic Inst.
Worcester MA 01609


                        Martin Latterich
                        BIONET.MICROBIOLOGY Discussion Leader
                        micro at mendel.berkeley.edu

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