Martin Latterich micro at mendel.berkeley.edu
Tue Jun 28 18:27:15 EST 1994

Welcome to bionet.microbiology/MICROBIO!!

I am truely overwhelmed with this exciting outcome of the vote and am
certain that there will be years of exciting discussion and exchange
of microbiology ahead of us. Thank you for your immense support.

This newsgroup will enable the discussion of any microbiological topic, as
well as the exchange of detailed information concerning experimental and
theoretical aspects of the discipline. The group is not moderated, meaning
that every post will appear as it was posted. 

My main duty as discussion leader of this newsgroup will be to ensure that
a certain level of activity is maintained, which given the nature of the
newsgroup should not be too difficult. Also, I am willing to compile a
monthly Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) list that includes the obvious and
non-obvious frequently asked question, and in addition any information of
interest to the microbiology community, such as strain collections,
microbiologically oriented data bases and internet resources. I do
appreciate any suggestions to make the FAQ list a more wholesome one.

Finally, I wish to thank everybody who contributed to the
bionet.microbiology proposal and discussion with suggestions and
constructive criticism. 

Looking forward to an exciting and stimulating newsgroup for years to come,

Martin Latterich, PhD,
bionet.microbiology Discussion Leader,
micro at mendel.berkeley.edu

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