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Sebastian W. Bunka seb at i102pc1.vu-wien.ac.at
Fri Jul 22 01:55:08 EST 1994

Ronda M Devold (devold at badlands.NoDak.edu) wrote:
: Is there anyone out there who works in veterinary diagnostic 
: microbiology?  I have some questions regarding procedures you use for 
: various tests (ex: Mycobacterium cultures for Johne's disease).  I would 
: greatly appreciate hearing from anyone working in this field.

: I look forward to hearing a response.

: 	-  Ronda DeVold
: 	   North Dakota State University
: 	   Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
: 	   diagnostic micro. section
: 	   email:  devold at badlands.NoDak.edu
We started culturing M. paratuberculosisa few weeks ago - although
the disease is not very common in Austria. The lab I worked before
(in Lower Saxony - Northen Germany) had a lot of diagnostics regarding
Paratb. We did there mostly Microscopy and Serodiagnosis. But noe they
have a running culture diagnosis.
The major problem is the mycobactin - you can either produce it yourself
(a messy procedure) or buy it (vastly expensive). We currently buy it...
There is now a project from the government reg. paratb and we're involved
- so getting some money for this...
We should discuss this later again (we're just starting).

Cheers, Sebastian
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