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>After performing a literature search for PCR on Rickettsia, I
>have found several articles dealing with identification of the
>organism in ticks and methodologies to type various strains.
>Is anyone aware of work in progess regarding isolation of the
>organism from blood of infected humans?
If you really do mean isolation of the organism from from blood, the
technique has been well established for quite a few years.  It basicly
involves serial dilution and passage through pathogen free embryonated
chicken eggs.  For a reasonable review see the section on growth of
Rickettsia in:

Weiss, E. (1973) Bacteriological Reviews, 37:259-283.

For the original methods see the classic papers by Cox:

Cox, H. R. (1938) Pub. Health Rep. 53:2241-2247 and,
Cox, H. R. (1941) Science 94:339-403


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