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Microbiology OnLine, a peer-reviewed electronic journal

Martin Latterich micro at mendel.berkeley.edu
Sat Jul 16 15:23:23 EST 1994

Please find attached a questionnaire Dr. Dieter Czeschlik compiled to
assess microbiologists attitude towards a peer-reviewed electronic
journal: "Microbiology OnLine".


                        Martin Latterich
                        BIONET.MICROBIOLOGY Discussion Leader
                        micro at mendel.berkeley.edu

Dear Microbiologist,
The purpose of this questionnaire is to assess the general
attitude of microbiologists toward introduction of a peer-
reviewed on-line electronic journal  - "Microbiology OnLine" -
for microbiological publications, to assess the status of your
computer and network connection, and to involve you as a
potential reader/author/referee/editor as early as possible
in deciding the features desired for such a new medium.
Your answers will be treated absolutely confidential -
no information will be processed with personal data attached.

Basic features of Microbiology OnLine will be:

 - Rapid publication yet full review because of completely
   electronic handling of manuscripts
 - Subscription rates allowing individual subscriptions and
   widespread readership
 - Full support of high quality graphics and half-tones
 - Browsing of articles in subject areas, and in addition,
   following any reference to other e-journal articles or
   subject links
 - Powerful searching capabilities
 - Integration of text, audio/video material, software, and other

When Microbiology OnLine enters its trial phase, all respondents to
this questionnaire will receive instructions on how to access and
use Microbiology OnLine. Furthermore, a free one-year subscription
to Microbiology OnLine will be allotted to three respondents to
this questionnaire.

Please take a few minutes to answer the questions. Preferably,
fill in the blanks (X) on your computer (overwrite mode) and
use the reply function of your e-mail software to return it to:

E-mail: czeschlik at springer.de

Alternatively, print it out, fill in the blanks, and mail it to:

    Dr. Dieter Czeschlik
    Executive Editor
    Tiergartenstr. 17
    D-69121 Heidelberg

    Fax: +49 6221 487-699

Further copies of this questionaire can be ordered by sending an e-mail
containing just the words
to SVSERV at VAX.NTP.SPRINGER.DE or download it from our gopher server
in the directory   microbiology

Thank you very much for your valuable help.

Yours sincerely,
Dr. Dieter Czeschlik
Executive Editor

Please give us your name and affiliation and especially your e-mail
address so that we can keep you informed of Microbiology OnLine's


1. What is your general subject area in microbiology?

  ( ) General Microbiology
  ( ) Genetics/Molecular Biology
  ( ) Environmental Microbiology/Microbial Ecology
  ( ) Immunology
  ( ) Industrial Microbiology
  ( ) Medical Microbiology
  ( ) Physiology/Biochemistry
  ( ) Systematic/Evolutionary Microbiology
  ( ) Virology
  ( ) other .........................

2. Your professional status
Professor ( )
Research Scientist in academia ( ) in industry ( )
Graduate Student ( )
Undergraduate Student ( )
Other .....................

3. Are you using any of the following Internet services:

                       regularly  sometimes  never

      E-mail               ( )       ( )      ( )
      ftp                  ( )       ( )      ( )
      Gopher               ( )       ( )      ( )
      WWW/Mosaic           ( )       ( )      ( )

4. What kind of computer and operating system do you use?

  ( ) PC
       ( ) Windows  ( ) DOS only   ( ) OS2

  ( ) Macintosh
       ( ) System 7

  ( ) Workstation
       ( ) Unix

  ( ) other computer / other operating system: .................

5. Many new features (in addition to the traditional ones of a paper
journal) can be offered with a professional e-journal. Please tell
us how you personally rate the individual possibilities:

Articles can appear within hours after they have passed through
the reviewing process and are accepted  -  no waiting time to
complete an issue

 ( ) essential  ( ) desirable  ( ) less important  ( ) superfluous

Publication of selected e-mail-to-the-editor

 ( ) essential  ( ) desirable  ( ) less important  ( ) superfluous

Feed-back to articles (reader's comments) linked to the articles

 ( ) essential  ( ) desirable  ( ) less important  ( ) superfluous

Direct printing of hard-copies on your printer

 ( ) essential  ( ) desirable  ( ) less important  ( ) superfluous

Optional saving of files on your local computer

 ( ) essential  ( ) desirable  ( ) less important  ( ) superfluous

Availability of different types of subscription (full subscription,
individual articles on request, full articles of certain subject
areas, abstracts only, or definition of your individual user profile)

 ( ) essential  ( ) desirable  ( ) less important  ( ) superfluous

Links to other papers

 ( ) essential  ( ) desirable  ( ) less important  ( ) superfluous

6. The presentation of information in hypertext format allows one to
jump inside a text, to other texts or graphics in different files
or into different computers anywhere in the world-wide network
just by a mouse-click on a highlighted word or picture in the text.
Do you know about hypertext applications and their advantages in
cross-linking information?

   ( ) yes  ( ) a little  ( ) no

7. The presentation of hypertext through the network will not only
linking of the scientific papers among each other, but will allow
access to other services to be offered, e.g., on-line ordering of
strains, links to addresses of manufacturers of equipment, catalogues
of rare chemicals, links to DNA-, RNA- and protein sequence databases,
establishment of scientific discussion forums, etc. How do you regard
such services?

 ( ) essential  ( ) desirable  ( ) less important  ( ) superfluous

8. Considering the potential features, would you principally be
interested in subscribing to an electronic journal?

   ( ) yes  ( ) maybe  ( ) no

9. A peer-reviewed e-journal that has a world-wide readership would be
highly reputed. It could be cited in other publications and grant
applications just as its paper counterpart. Preparation of your
manuscript will be just with your favorite word processor. Would you
principally be willing to contribute to an e-journal?

   ( ) yes  ( ) maybe  ( ) no

10. Editors and referees will have the same traditional tasks. Yet,
since all correspondence is via e-mail, the costs and hassle of
mailing manuscripts and evaluations disappears. Would you
principally be willing to act as a referee/editor (if qualified)?

   ( ) yes  ( ) maybe  ( ) no

11. Your valuable comments (feel free to be as explicit as you like):

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