No news is bad news

Alan Bleasby ajb at s-crim1.dl.ac.uk
Sat Jul 9 05:44:27 EST 1994

Rankin & Bert,

First of all (Bert) thanks for the free SEQNET plug! I have checked on
several sites throughout Europe and the USA on which I have accounts and
the group is being propagated via USENET. 

All (control) `newgroup' messages are typically sent from net.bio.net by
Dave Mack (for bionet) and not Daresbury. This obviously happened as we
do, as you say, have bionet.microbiology on SEQNET. Your NEWS manager
might have set things up to disallow automatic creation of new groups...
in that case (s)he'd be informed that a request was made and then would
create the group manually. Perhaps
 a) The NEWS manager overlooked the control message
 b) Your NEWS link has been down for some time (unlikely)
Another `newgroup' message could be sent out but that would irritate sites
who already have the group. It is perhaps better if you ask your sysop to
just create the group locally.

You must have a bad connection to USENET if it takes days for a message to
propagate! :-)

Hope that helps


Alan Bleasby

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