End of microbiology at UCB

ez007215 at chip.ucdavis.edu ez007215 at chip.ucdavis.edu
Tue Jul 5 23:49:23 EST 1994

Sarah Shimer (sarahsh at soda.berkeley.edu) wrote:
: I just wanted to say that at UC Berkeley, the undergraduate program
: in microbiology is being "phased out."  They are still offering a 
: course in the fall, but most of the other courses are being taught in
: the School of Public Health and not the Molecular and Cell Biology
: Department, where most other biology is at Berkeley. When I first 
: started at Cal, there even used to be a lab in Microbiology. I am not
: sure how often it is offered, however. I know that the undergraduates
: graduating this May in Microbiology numbered under ten, out of a 500+
: student program.In addition, most of the professors who essentially
: do research in microbiology, have been retitled under the biochemistry
: or molecular biology sub-department. 
: What do you think of that?
: Sarah

I think it sucks. Want to give the Dept. of Microbiolgy at UCD a try?


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