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Searching for E. coli

Richard heath at mbcf.stjude.org
Fri Dec 2 13:13:27 EST 1994

In article <Pine.SUN.3.91.941201093349.6468A-100000 at cnj.digex.net>, mintz at CNJ.DIGEX.NET (Cliff Mintz) writes:
> 	I am interested in obtaining E. coli strains GS58 and OV2.  Both 
> strains were originally constructed in W.D. Donachie's laboratory.  If 
> anyone has these strains or an address/location/telephone number for Dr. 
> Donachie, please contact me.  In a recent paper, Dr K.J. Begg was also 
> mentioned as a source for GS58.  Any info. on Dr. Begg would also be 
> appreciated.
> 		Thanks for your help!
> 			Cliff Mintz
> 			mintz at cnj.digex.com	

A quick search of the CGSC database on the gopher:

Name=E. coli Genetic Stock Center at Yale University
URL: gopher://cgsc.biology.yale.edu:70/1

pulled up OV2, but not GS58.  Write to Barbara Bachmann at the CGSC, and she
will send you the strain.

OV2 CGSC#7209 W.D.Donachie (1k)                                          
 OV2 CGSC#7209 W.D.Donachie
Name: OV2
Source: W.D.Donachie
Sex: F-
Genotype:  ara-38(Am), leu-87, lacZ125(Am), tsx-465(Am), galK42(Am),
        galE54, LAM-, tyrT77(AS), tyrT181(ts,AS), trp-49(Am),
        his-224, thyA756, relA1, spoT1, ilv-693, deo-84
  * Replacement for CGSC 6979
  * deo-84 is a mutation in either {\it deoB} or {\it deoC}.
  * galK42(Am) is Brenner's {\it gal}$^{-}$$_{U42am}$.
  * lacZ125(Am) is the amber mutation from strain CA274 of S.
        Brenner.  It was formerly called {\it lac$^{-}_{125am}$} by
  * trp-49(Am) is the amber mutation formerly called  {\it
        trp}$^{-}_{8am}$ by Brenner.
  * tyrT181(ts,AS) was formerly called supF181
  * tyrT77(AS) was formerly called supF77
  * Am = amber (UAG) mutation, AS = amber (UAG) suppressor, ts =Temperature
  Donachie et al. 1976 Nature 264:328
  Tormo & Vicente 1984 J.Bacteriol. 157:779

I found this recent ref on paperchase, which gives Begg's and Donachie's

Ab #  92202178

Begg KJ  Tomoyasu T  Donachie WD  Khattar M  Niki H  Yamanaka K
  Hiraga S  Ogura T
Escherichia coli mutant Y16 is a double mutant carrying
  thermosensitive ftsH and ftsI mutations.

In: J Bacteriol (1992 Apr) 174(7):2416-7

The Escherichia coli mutant Y16, which shows thermosensitive colony
  formation and filamentation with reduced amounts of penicillin-
  binding protein 3 (PBP3), has mutations in the ftsI gene encoding
  PBP3 and in the ftsH gene. The ftsI mutation markedly reduces the
  amount of PBP3 at 42 degrees C, whereas the amount of the ftsH single
  mutant is slightly reduced.

Institutional address:
     Institute of Cell and Molecular Biology
     University of Edinburgh

Ab # 77077214

Donachie WD  Begg KJ  Vicente M
Cell length, cell growth and cell division.

In: Nature (1976 Nov 25) 264(5584):328-33

When cells of E. coli reach a certain critical length, which is
  constant in all growth conditions and eqqal to twice the minimum cell
  length, they abruptly increase their rate of elongation and divide
  about 20 min later. Chromosome replication terminates at about this
  same cell length but is not the signal for the change in rate of cell

Good luck, 


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