media for lactobacilli

Roy Goodacre rrg at aber.ac.uk
Wed Aug 31 03:51:03 EST 1994

In article <30AUG94.14473404 at msdisk.wustl.edu> bry_l at msdisk.wustl.edu writes:

>does anyone know of a general media for isolating lactobacilli?

Selective media to use is tomato juice agar.  pH 5.0 this should support the 
growth of lactobacilli but inhibit other bacteria.  Can't remember what goes 
into the media but a general text book should have it.  If not use an acidic 

>we want to do a basic 'identification' of some of the flora
>in the mouse forestomach.

>..conentration of glucose to use, CaCO3 in the media?
>i have the means for anaerobic culturing.

usually culture under microaerophilic conditions in 5% CO2

>thanks in advance.


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