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| Once we have the JC coordinator, we could start immediately. In the
| meantime people can pass on their suggestions for articles to me, and
| will pass them on in due course. Hope to see some stimulating
| discussion here shortly.

Anarchistically, I don't see why we shouldn't pass suggestions to you
in public
... and perhaps start discussion directly.  The following is a rather
spectacularly surprising little paper:

author = "X. Tang
 and Y. Nakata
 and H.-O. Li
 and M. Zhang
 and H. Gao
 and A. Fujita
 and O. Sakatsume
 and T. Ohta
 and K. Yokoyama",
title = "The optimization of preparations of competent
cells for transformation of {{\em E. coli\/}}",
journal = "Nucl. Acids Res.",
volume = "22",
number = "14",
pages = "2857-2858",
comment = "1x10^8 transformants per ug DNA at O.D. 0.94",
year = "1994"}

The questions are:  Why is this happening?  What is the physiology? 
Can it be
controlled?  Is someone willing to do experiments?  (I've thought of a
obvious ones.)

  Tom Schneider
  National Cancer Institute
  Laboratory of Mathematical Biology
  Frederick, Maryland  21702-1201
  toms at ncifcrf.gov


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