Campylo Bachteria - what's that?

knunan at .interramp.com knunan at .interramp.com
Wed Aug 24 21:53:41 EST 1994

Campylobacteria live in the stomach and are relatively harmless
but researchers are now saying they may be involved in human ulcer
disease. That is the bacteria may be causing ulcers in your stomach.

Living in Norway or on the moon doesn't give anyone freedom
from any bacteria or virus. Microorganisms know no national
boundaries and you could've picked these bugs up anywhere, even
in your home home. But I wouldn't worry about them too much.
If you have an ulcer problem and tyour doctors think these bugs
are the cause they can be treated along with the other standard
txs for ulcers such as drugs which shut off or inhibit the acid-pump
in your stomach, giving the lining a chance to heal.

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