Jean-Pierre Herveg herveg at bian.ucl.ac.be
Mon Aug 22 10:39:50 EST 1994

a friend, Samuel Edgerton Jr <Samuel.Y.Edgerton at WILLIAMS.EDU> wrote today

>An interesting article in yesterday's NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE on Smallpox
>(pp.35ff) inadvertantly adds more evidence to the proposition that
>there could have been no diffusion of Asian, European, or African
>peoples to the American continents during the 3000-year period between
>1400 BC and 1492 AD (from early Formative through late Post-Classic).

Does somebody knows if the New York Times Magazine is based on a recently
published scientific paper and if so what are the refernces of this paper.


Jean-Pierre Herveg, Louvain, <Herveg at BIAN.UCL.AC.BE>

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