Tea fungus

Andreas Brune Andreas.Brune at uni-konstanz.de
Wed Aug 17 01:56:34 EST 1994

Somebody approached me on information regarding the 
'tea fungus' used to ferment cold sweetened black tea 
to a supposedly extraordinary beverage.

All I can recall is that it is not a fungus but a mixture of
acetic acid bacteria and yeasts. Acetobacter xylinum apparently
contributes the cellulose matrix forming a fungus-like lump
(similar to the 'mycoderma aceti' on old vinegar).

Does anybody knowm more details about the 'tea fungus', especially 
the physiology of the process and how to start a culture. 

It appears that this type of beverage is more commonly brewed in Eastern 
Europe and the Far East. So this is also a test on the 
internationality of the bionet.microbio newsgroup ;-) 

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