Glowing wood

Matthew Stoecker quinnt at u.washington.edu
Fri Aug 12 21:08:49 EST 1994

In article <1994Aug12.200142.14994 at emr1.emr.ca>, coop at pf.emr.ca wrote:

> Has anyone heard of glowing wood?  While camping
> in Northern Quebec I came across some rotting 
> wood that glowed brightly in the dark.  It came
> from near the roots of a dead, rotting Poplar
> (Aspen) tree.  My guess would be its caused 
> by some sort of fungus.  Any suggestions?
> Dave 
> coop at pf.emr.ca

This is foxfire, caused by luminescent fungus.  The wood may have been
infected with the mycelium of Armillariella mellea (the Honey mushroom)
which is also
called shoestring rot, because of the black ropey appearence it's mycelium
takes.  There are other species of luminescent mushrooms as well (e.g.
Omphalatus olerius) but I'm not sure if the mycelium is phosphorescent or
just the fruitbodies. 

Matthew Stoecker

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