Glowing wood

adwright at iastate.edu adwright at iastate.edu
Fri Aug 12 15:36:11 EST 1994

In <1994Aug12.200142.14994 at emr1.emr.ca> coop at pf.emr.ca  writes:

>Has anyone heard of glowing wood?  While camping
>in Northern Quebec I came across some rotting 
>wood that glowed brightly in the dark.  It came
>from near the roots of a dead, rotting Poplar
>(Aspen) tree.  My guess would be its caused 
>by some sort of fungus.  Any suggestions?
>coop at pf.emr.ca

This decaying wood is commonly known as "foxfire".  I found some once
and took it home.  After it  dried out the glow was gone and attempts
to get the glow back by rehydrating it failed   :(

I sure would like to find some again.  Perhaps someone knows a way to
reliably produce it?



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