journal club: why virulence??

Martin Latterich micro at mendel.berkeley.edu
Wed Aug 10 21:12:19 EST 1994

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> The idea of a journal club for bio.microbiology, raised in an earlier 
> thread by Martin Latterich, seems pretty good to me. I'm not quite 
> sure what format Martin had in mind, but here's my attempt at a 
> kick-off. I've tried to combine a review of a paper with a few 
> provocative by-lines, to try to stimulate discussion in this thread. 

(rest of message deleted)

I am glad I received such an overwhelming positive response concerning
the journal club in bionet.microbiology. I will make a post concerning
the format of the journal club at the end of this week when hopefully I
have regained control over my timetable full of deadlines. :-(

Things we can think about in the meantime is how often we would like to
see an article posted for discussion. Personally I would suggest to
pick an article every two weeks for discussion to allow time to
actually read the article and to get an exhaustive discussion going.
However, different people have different turn-over rates of reading
articles and basically everything between postings each week and every
two month would be acceptable,IMHO. 

Also, I would like to suggest to appoint a dedicated Journal Club
Coordinator to whom we can send suggestions for the journal club and
who will periodically post announcements of articles for discussion and
then initiate a discussion. The more formal procedures would ensure
that the same articles are not discussed several times within a short
time and also to give us time to actually read the article and form an
opinion before the discussion phase starts.

As far as the above article is concerned, we could consider that as our
first paper, and I am looking forward to an exciting discussion on
virulence in this forum!!


                        Martin Latterich
                        BIONET.MICROBIOLOGY Discussion Leader
                        micro at mendel.berkeley.edu

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