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Tue Nov 20 07:03:00 EST 1990

Dear Networkers:
        During the last few days I have been receiving a "tone" of mails from
 this LIST concerning with two essential points about the signature of the
i) How complete it must be, in order to inambiguously identify the sender?
ii) Can it contain commercial, political, religious or tendencious annotations?
        Well, I am posting my own ".sig" as "one" example of what it could be
 a complete and non-offending signature. "I hope"!.
        As it can be deduced easily , I believe that signature must be as much
 informative as possible and, at the same time, addition of any "non-offending"
 annotation could be pleasant, charming, friendly and recommendable.
        But, in any case, the most important (or actually the only important)
 part of the mails it is not the signature but the content.

                                                Juan A. Ayala

Address:      !   Juan A. Ayala                                       !
              !   BITNET: PARED at EMDUAM51.bitnet                       !
              !   INTERNET: JAYALA at cbm2.uam.es                        !
              !   PHONE-net: (341)-397.50.70, ext. 234                !
              !   FAX-net: (341)-397.47.99                            !
              !   PSI-net: 2120423216                                 !
              !   TELEX-net: 27810 educi e                            !
              !   Snail-net: Centro de Biologaa Molecular             !
              !             Universidad Autonoma                      !
              !             Canto-Blanco, E-28049, Madrid             !
              !             Spain.                                    !
              !   ICBM-net: 40 deg 30 min North, 3 deg 42 min West    !


 The Best Man for the Job is a Wo-man!


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