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PCR Machine

Launce Gouw launce at apollo.med.utah.edu
Fri Nov 9 20:58:38 EST 1990

There are a number of machines that will accomodate microtitre plates
for PCR or other thermal cycling applications.  The ones I know of
include the Bios, the Grant and the Techne systems.  The Bios looks
like a microwave oven and uses air convection, the Grant looks (is) a
modified waterbath that uses water as its medium for heating/cooling
and the Techne has a heating/cooling metal block.  All three will also
accomodate microfuge tubes.  

Other labs in our building have tested/used all three, and the verdict
seems to point to the Techne.  From what I've heard: 1) the Bios air
convection just doesn't ramp the sample temperatures up and down
quickly or accurately enough, 2) the Grant seems to have problems
achieving and maintaining proper temperature levels as well, but 3)
the Techne appears to be exemplary.  I have heard that it is at least
as good, if not better than the industry standard, the P-E Cetus
machine, and that the software is flexible and user-friendly.  The
Techne uses water cooling, and thus needs to be near a source of
water.  The special heat-resistant 96-well microtitre plates cost
$5/each!  We hope to purchase a Techne soon for ourselves.  Hope this
posting helps!!

Techne info. # is: 1-800-225-9243

** DISCLAIMER ** I (and my lab) have nothing to do with any of the
aforementioned companies other than as customers (or potential
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